"My wardrobe definitely needed a bit of a shake up - I'd got stuck buying the same things in the same colours all year round. Sharon chose me some fabulous pieces, some of which I wouldn't have thought to try on but now wish I had! Sharon's also lovely to work with - not only is she very approachable but she goes the extra mile and clearly took the time to think about what I needed after the initial consultation. Everything fits me and my lifestyle, and gives my existing wardrobe such a lift. I've had so many compliments. Thank you so much Sharon! "


"Sharon Stanley found me the perfect outfit to wear to an important family occasion; she took my brief and followed it meticulously, providing me with plenty of carefully edited options and suggestions within a short time frame. She is organised and dedicated; she loves fashion!

She also managed to find me the exact headpiece I had described to her and sourced it in good time for the big day. Sharon really understands how to style!"


"When your life's busy and times short its really easy to fall into a trap of buying slightly different versions of what you already own from pretty much the same collection of stores season after season. You stick with what you think you know until, eventually, you realise that you've spent a lot of hard earned money only to end up going round in circles! Sharon's got this great ability in discovering individual pieces and complete outfits that you'd not necessarily have selected yourself but as soon as you try them on you wish you had!  Sharon carefully listened to my brief and really took a long time in understanding what I was looking for but then applied her own sense of style that only comes from working within the fashion industry. The result was fantastic, exciting and far exceeds my expectations!"


" I needed a holiday wardrobe and decided to give Sharon's "Shop for Me" service a go, Sharon has a great sense of style choosing garments I would never originally consider for myself, pushing my boundaries yet still allowing me to feel and look amazing, she has given me the confidence to be more experimental and open with what I wear.  

I am extremely happy with the range of clothes Sharon has picked for me and have had many compliments. Best of all this happened without setting foot into a store, allowing me to carry on with my hectic day to day life"


" Wow I love love love the gold dress, I've just done a quick try on of all the clothes in front of my husband and he can't get over how well you've got my taste totally sussed!! Well done Sharon! Again!"


" I went over to Wendy's this weekend to admire her new wardrobe. You did an amazing job! I loved all the stuff you got and so does she. Especially thought the shoes and the kimono were inspired choices for her"